About us

Who we are

Amazing Grace Assembly & Ministries (a.k.a AGAM), is a registered, not-for-profit Christian charity organization based in Sydney, Australia. It is fully funded by donations & sponsorship by individuals and organizations whose values are in line with our values. AGAM's activities includes church services, evangelistic outreaches and mission supports.

AGAM technologies is a division of AGAM and its' primary aim is to research, develop, deploy and maintain technological platforms for the fulfillment of the great commission commandment of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20 using current technologies. CSTVR IPTV application is one of many products of AGAM technologies.

The Product

CSTVR IPTV Set-top box is an internet based application service which streams live FTA (Free-to-Air), non-denominational Christian and related TV and radio broadcast of various network of churches and ministries, primarily from satellites around the world and from other various streaming sources.

CSTVR IPTV aims to provide a “one-stop-shop” for Christian TV and Radio broadcasts from satellite and online streaming sources all around the world. It also aims to provide one free TV channel stream to all guests whilst full access to all channels will be reserved for our partners through the CSTVR IPTV set-top box.

To partner with us, simply purchase a set-top box from our store and you will have access to all the channels. This is a one-time purchase and no subscriptions, ever! We do welcome and accepts donations and sponsorships though which helps to maintain the platform and keeps it subscription free.

The Benefits

CSTVR platform gives viewers a convenient, simple and accessible alternative to browsing through 30 or 40 different websites/Apps of Networks, churches and ministries or having satellites installed on roofs with cumbersome cabling, in other to listen or watch Christian broadcasts either at home on their TV or on mobile devices. CSTVR aims to leverage on the growing expanded use of the internet as the infrastructure of the future. This is very evident from the fact that we do more and more on the internet now via our computers and other mobile electronic devices. The internet is the universal platform to which most people in the world are connected 24/7.

Unless otherwise stated, the products and services that are being viwed are the products and services of the respective networks, churches, ministries and other organizations.