Frequently asked questions and answers

House keeping

Always ensure that the set-top box is switched off when not in use. This is done by pressing the power button on the remote control. Doing this will help to ensure that the cache memory of the settop box is purged and cleaned out regularly. We also recommend that you use the mouse supplied to navigate the service rather than the remote control.

Why the CSTVR IPTV project?

Our aim is to ensure the message of salvation goes to every possible corner of the earth through online access.
However, satellite access is not available to everyone, hence, the need to have an alternative access to the message. Online access seemed an obvious choice.

What are the advantages of CSTVR IPTV service?

• It is easy to use and portable. It is designed with the user in mind.
• No need for expensive satellite hardware installation. No holes on your walls or risk of damage to your property.
• You can get encouragement anywhere, anytime on most compactible devices. You are not bound to your TV set in the lounge.
• You can listen to uplifting worship music on the radio in your office or while doing your chores at homes.
• No line of site issues or having to deal with bad signal level during bad weather. We have installed suites of satellites big enough to withstand rough weathers.
• Suitable for people living in apartment block where installation of satellite hardware might not be possible.
• Suitable for believers in regions where access to gospel is restricted.
• No problems when you move house to a new location as the service is not location bound. Just take your settop box with you and reconnect once you have internet connected
• We can reach a lot more people via the internet than through physical satellite connections on each roof around the world.

How many channels do I get?

Once you purchase our settop box and activate it, you will have access to all channels on the channels list.
We have over 40 channels, including at least 30 TV channels and 10 radio channels. We are adding new channels regularly.

What Hardware do I need to run the service?

The only hardware required is our CSTVR IPTV settop box. There is no need for satellite dish or cable installation at your premises.
Once you have activated your CSTVR IPTV settop box, you can now enjoy our "ANYTIME-ANYWHERE" feature of our service. This means you
can now access the service through your PC, laptop or mobile devices.

What software do I need to run the service?

If you are accessing the service through your TV, no other software is require. Just connect your Settop box to your TV as described in the manual.
If you are using a mobile device, you will need to download and install CSTVR App from the App Store of your device.
For Android devices, go to the Play Store and search for CSTVR.
For apple devices, on your Chrome or Safari browser type in Once loaded, add the icon to your Home screen.

What if I don’t have the CSTVR IPTV settop box, can I still use the service?

No, the only way to access the service is through our CSTVR IPTV settop box.

Can I resize the screens?

Yes. However, because of your internet bandwidth, video output quality may degrade.

How do I get support if I need one?

Because it is an online service available in every country in the world, most support will be online support.
Please feel free to contact us if you need help. You can go to the “Contact Us” option on the website to see the various ways to reach us.
We will endeavor to assist you promptly.

Can I record from CSTVR?

Yes. You will be able to record once the recording module is implemented. A button will be added to let you start and stop recording of channel(s).

Does it work on all browsers?

The service supports all major browsers: • Chrome • Firefox • Safari • Microsoft Edge

Do I get new channels in the future?

Yes. New channels will be added in the future and every activated CSTVR settop box will get it for free.

What do I do when a broadcast changes its frequency?

Nothing. When a braodcast channel changes its frequency, you do not have to do anything. CSTVR will do all the hardware & software adjustments required to ensure you continue to receive the channel.

What type of internet connection is recommended?

The recommended internet connection for the service is BROADBAND internet connection. At a minimum, you should have ADSL broadband internet connection with a download speed of 12Mbps and upload of 1Mbps.

How do I check my internet speed?

On the home screen of the CSTVR IPTV settop box, click on the "speed check" icon.

What to do if I’ve clicked on a channel but the broadcast hasn’t changed?

Your settop box is diconnected from the server due to an intermittent internet connection. Right click on the mouse to get back to the home screen and click on CSTVR icon. Now select you desired channel.

Why is the service slow in responding after I’ve clicked on a channel?

Your internet connection is too slow for the service.

Why does the broadcast suddenly stop with the play button showing?

This is due to intermittent internet connection. Wait for about 20seconds and then click the play button.

Why is the broadcast buffering and then stopping?

This is due to an intermittent or unstable internet connection. Right click on the mouse to get to the main menu screen on the CSTVR IPTV settop box. Now select you desired channel.

What do I do if the mouse is not responding or cannot be seen on the TV screen?

Check that the battery is inserted properly or the battery may be flat and in need of replacement.

Why do I have to donate?

The broadcasts are all free to access, however, you are donating to help us maintain the software and hardware used in bringing you the service, which is on-going.
Donation is voluntary!

How do I make a donation?

You can make a donation by clicking on the "Donate" button at the top right-hand corner on our website. This is done securely through Paypal.
You can donate using your debit, credit or bank cards or through paypal account if you have any. All donation is processed by Paypal securely.
You can also donate by direct deposit into our account. However, please note that bank fees and charges may be incurred. CSTVR do not collect or store your financial information. All donation is voluntary!

What account should I donate with Direct Deposit?

Swift Code : CTBAAU2S (Required by donors outside of Australia)

Bank Name : Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account No. : 062597-10710122

Account Name : Amazing Grace Assembly & Ministries